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  • PINES – 夜貓子派對 - 独一无二的聚会
  • 用多种语言来表达爱意-Pines友谊之夜 - 英语可能是世界上最通用的语言,其中超越宇宙的最强大的句子就是我爱你。我们都知道爱情的感觉,但我们都不知道如何定义它。约束我们的友谊,家庭和婚姻的爱有很多不同的含义,但是你怎么用自己的语言来说呢? 就像Mahatma Gandhi说的那样 “有爱的地方就有生命。” “有爱的地方就有生命”。因此,Pines国际学院每个月组织一次最为期待的派对,确保你留学海外的经验是值得的! 这是去年十月国际友谊之夜的一瞥。  

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Pines International Academy is molded, empowered, and responsive to change as a result of more than a decade of experience in research, management, and education.

Rising from its humble beginnings, Pines International Academy soars high to excellence in the provision of competent English Education to Asian Second/Foreign Language Learners.

Accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) on October 29, 2002, PIA had evolved into an institution that focused on the development of language programs that are more practical and more appropriate to the proficiency level and learning styles of each learner alongside the thrust to hone the potentials of its teachers in facilitating classes more effectively in order to optimize the learning opportunities given to English Language Learners.

PIA, being committed to its advocacy of creating world-class English communicators, students are purposefully immersed in a learning environment where diversity among various races is viewed as an avenue for growth and for further understanding of the global culture. With a heterogeneous group of learners from different parts of Asia such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia, cultural competence among the students of PIA is certainly enhanced at the same time while learning the target language.

True to its vision of becoming a premier language institution, PIA continues to strengthen its foundation by precisely targeting the very heart and core of language learning.

General Information

Campus Address:

Coyeesan Campus – 2nd Floor Coyeesan Plaza Hotel Naguilian Road, Baguio City

Chapis Campus – 49 Chapis Village Marcos Highway, Baguio City

Phone Number:

Coyeesan Campus +63-74-446-8866

Chapis Campus +63-74-446-8866

Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Middle Easterner

Email Address:


Courses offered:

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Facilities and Services

Main Campus Chapis Campus
Dormitory Room (Good for Room 1 – 4 students) Dormitory Room (Good for Room 1 – 3 students)
Dining Hall Dining Hall
Computer Room Computer Room
Audio-Visual Room Audio-Visual Room
Library Presentation Hall
Study Room Table Tennis Court
Massage Shop Snack Shop
Gym Gym

Main Campus

Chapis Campus