KES – Camp Program

From  December  2017  until  January  2018, we held a camp program for Korean children students.

kes 1

There are 6 elementary school students and 5 junior high school students. At our school, the Individual class is the basis, but the camp program is basically a group class. We divided the students evenly into three groups and continued classes. The class of American accent by our head teacher was also a popular class.

kes 4

The camp program carries out classes well, but the difference from the other courses is that students are emphasizing activities in addition to learning to enjoy Baguio. On weekends, we organized a program to allow students to enjoy Asin Hot Spring as a school-sponsored activity, sports tournaments at Camp John Hay and city tours. Also, every Sunday we went to SM Mall and I kept trying to refresh the students who were studied at shopping tours and so on.

kes 2

I think that the students were having fun and so it was good to do activities.

In addition, on the 23rd of January, we did a final recreation and a student presentation contest.

In the morning we go round the streets of Baguio and do the tasks decided by the team. After that, we made a cooking contest divided for each group.

kes 3

After that, we also held a presentation contest as a place to announce the results of students’ study.

Every student firmly prepared and practiced and showed outstanding performance.

kes 5

We also enjoyed some games as an activity.

kes 6

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