JIC – Taro Kato’s thoughts about Baguio and JIC

JIC: How is your life here as an IELTS student?

Taro: Actually it’s great. How do I say this? I can’t go out on weekdays, so I have no choice but to study hard. Actually, I never studied IELTS so, I didn’t know how to study, but I wanted to study hard like other students. I saw students in IELTS and they have the motivation to achieve an IELTS score.

JIC: So you think JIC is strict?

Taro: In a way, but I think it’s good because when I studied independently, usually I would feel a bit lazy. Actually, I compared it to other schools my agency recommended this school because of the Spartan experience and also the teachers.

JIC: What do you think of Baguio?

Taro: It’s pretty good. Baguio is a safe city in the Philippines. Also, I don’t like hot places because I think I’ll be lazy. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on studying. And the dormitories in JIC are good because students who stay there with other IELTS students usually have a conversation about IELTS.

JIC: That’s great.

Taro: Yeah and in my room, the facilities are good because JIC takes care of our dorms, like the wifi and electricity so it’s very comfortable.

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