JIC – Glenda shares her class strategies on being a long-time teacher

Today JIC interviews Teacher Glenda Gayman, one of the longest-tenured teachers in JIC

JIC: Good morning, teacher Glenda.

Glenda: Good afternoon.

JIC: What do you teach?

Glenda: I teach IELTS.

JIC: Like a specific subject?


Glenda: Mostly, I just focus on Speaking, Listening, and Reading.

JIC: You focus on three subjects.

Glenda: Yeah.

JIC: Which is your specialty among the three?

Glenda: I think it would be listening because I am good at listening.

JIC: Ok. What are the tips for improving listening?

Glenda: I think the major one is just to listen to the things that you basically like, that interests you and they said practice, keep on listening.

JIC: What do you mean by the listening on the things that you like?

Glenda: To listen and focus on the things that interest them. They can focus more as compare to the things that are too difficult for them to understand and basically they cannot understand.

JIC: Anyways, you have been teaching for a very long time no

w. How difficult is it to teach students?

Glenda: There are some instances, wherein it depends on the attitude of the students and of course their level.

06_Glenda 7


JIC: Let’s say their level is not so good. We are talking about beginners. What are your usual strategies?

Glenda: Just always going back to the basics. Like, take for example, in listening we have there some mock questions. For beginners, at times, they could not follow their ‘left’ or ‘right, so we start from that. Or even go back to the Prepositions. Discuss the most important things and then we try to listen and see if the students can apply what was taught.

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