Burnham Park: Baguio’s classic tourist spot

Burnham Park is one of the tourist attractions in Baguio City that is often overlooked and taken for granted. Being part of the Central Business District, most of the time, this place is treated as an alternate route to get to other places by walking or just a place to jog or exercise in the early mornings.

However, did you know that when urban planner and architect Daniel Burnham designed Baguio, he envisioned Burnham Park as a formal garden? A formal garden or a green park is a place in a city that provides peace and quiet. It is with this reason that the 32.84 hectares scope of the park was filled with lots of trees and greenery around the man-made lake.

As the years passed by though, Burnham Park was developed not only for relaxation but also for recreation. If you ask some locals in Baguio City, some might say that Burnham Park is overrated. But for new tourists like you, it can be a memorable place especially if you visit the park with your friends, classmates and teachers. So what are the activities you can do here, aside from strolling along Lake Drive?

Boating – A lot of tourists, and even some locals, are fascinated by the idea of a lake in the middle of a busy city.


Biking – Aside from boating, you might want to try biking in the park.


Skating – There is also a covered area in the park where you can go skating

Jogging – Just beside the skating area, the Baguio Athletic Bowl now developed a rubberized track where you can jog. Just make sure that you are properly geared up for the tracking field. Or you can just jog along Lake Drive – it’s free and refreshing.


While cooling down, you may also want to take a stroll in the Children’s Park. Make sure to take a photo with the elephant right beside the entrance of the park. This elephant has been the icon for locals who grew up in Baguio City.


These activities might sound tiring but these will be worth it, especially after a week of studying. And what’s important is you treasure every memory you spend in MONOL and in Baguio City. If given the opportunity, try going to places outside Baguio and have a glimpse of the beauty of the Philippines.