Baguio City’s Garden in the Sky

Aside from Baguio City, there are other beautiful places in Cordillera – places with a majestic view, accommodating people, fresh air and a clean environment. These places in Cordillera also pride themselves with their rich culture, merging both tradition and advancement in technology, like Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province, to name a few.

If you visit the Northern part of the Philippines, it will be a waste to not visit at least one of these places. The problem is that the travel might be long and rough. What is amazing is that there is a place in Baguio City that could let you experience Cordilleran culture without the hassle. Visit Tam-awan Village!

These huts are scattered on a mountainous terrain and tourists may even go trekking from hut to hut. If the weather is terrific, visitors can take a glimpse of the West Philippine Sea. This is one of the reasons why the place was named Tam-awan which means “vantage point” in English.


Aside from the huts, Tam-awan also features local artists and their artworks. They also have a place in Tam-awan where artists would take a sketch of you on the spot for an affordable price.

Tam-awan is primarily a live museum to most tourists. However, the village actually offers a lot of art and crafts demonstrations and workshops wherein people of all ages can learn to master a new skill, if not, develop a new hobby. Some of the workshops the local artists of Tam-awan give are woodcarving, bamboo craft, rice wine making, drawing and painting using oil pastel or water color.

tam-awan03 tam-awan04

So if you are planning on studying in Baguio City, you might want to add Tam-awan in your list of places that you have to visit before leaving the Philippines and bring home a souvenir or a new hobby.